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Wu-Tang Brand
T-Shirt & Poster Design

I’ve been a Wu-Tang Clan fan since the early days way back in 1994. Then in 1997 I created a personal fan piece while honing my Adobe Illustrator skills based from the April 1997 SPIN magazine 12th Anniversary Issue (Photographs by John Scarisbrick). I spent weeks using the Pen Tool in Adobe Illustrator to create my own version. I put it on some sites like Deviant Art, Coroflot and Behance. I was contacted by Frank151 if they could use it as a promotion piece online and other simply did not ask and used it anyway. Then in 2010 whilst I was living in London, England I was contact by Oliver ‘POWER’ Grant, executive producer of all Wu-Tang Clan albums and the original founder and CEO of Wu Wear clothing (in 1995) and stores. POWER wanted to use my design for his Wu-Tang Brand clothing line and to sell as a poster. These pieces were then produced through Bravado and distributed to Spencer Gifts, Urban Outfitter, The GAP, AllPosters.com, PosterRevolution.com etc. from 2011-? I honestly don’t know. I scroll through Instagram and still see people taking pictures with the shirt of the poster. It is really nice and very much appreciated that my ‘fan’ design has been distributed all over the world.