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Stanley Kubrick’s
The Shining
Studies in the Horror Film

Edited By Danel Olson
Distributed by Consortium Book Sales & Distribution
Centipede Press
ISBN 978-1-61347-069-5

I created this poster only as a fan piece in 2010. I’m a fan of Stanley Kurbrick movies and Stephen King novels. I wanted to make The Overlook Maze the focus of the poster with the strap line ‘Some place are like people: some shine and some don’t.’ I felt is was a good fit for The Overlook Maze and feel that, like Jack, it didn’t shine.

Late 2014 I was contact by Jerad Walters from Centipede Press. Mr Walters said he was working on a book about Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining for his series, Studies in the Horror Film. The book would have a special section of posters for the film. He saw my poster on Deviant Art and wanted to contact me about using it in the book. The book was then published May 2015.