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Peptiva Probiotic
Logo Type Design

New probiotics brand – Peptiva + Sleep Support. Sleep Support will be the anchor product that will launch online and in GNC. They will be in blister packs. Focus should be on logo and packaging. Color them will be Purple/Green since probiotic – will match Purple/Green capsules.

-Main focus should be on font selection and brand-name treatment.
-Open to having a subtle icon in the logo, but not necessary.
-For this first round, we do not want to include PM in the name.
-Should be formatted for the correct packaging (a blister card),
more horizontal design.

Using ITC Avant Garde Gothic a Sans Serif Font representing: Crisp, modern, fresh, and clean.

Took the crossbar of the ‘A’, shifted it over and added a wave to it. This represents the ease of passing through
the digestive track as well as healing, rest and relaxation.