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Helmand, The Soldier’s Story
National Army Museum

Client: National Army Museum
Size: n/a
Budget: £15,000

MET Studio was commissioned to design an exhibition (subsequently shortlisted for an Art Fund Prize) for the National Army Museum in London, covering the British Army’s present involvement in Afghanistan. Working closely with 16 Air Assault Brigade, it was possible to get a very personal insight into the lives of active soldiers and their daily duties.

The exhibition was built primarily by the Army, using (where possible) real-life items as exhibits. For instance, real sand bag sangars were constructed for exhibit housing and an accommodation tent with sleeping bunks and personal effects was erected, as well as mortar pits, a medical hut and a parachute drop with supplies. The gallery is immersed with environmental graphic scenes from the field, taking the eye beyond the physical gallery walls.

The Arts Fund Prize 2008

Museum & Heritage Awards 2008