• 4 - entrance corridor and main space
  • 8 - view of mail space (1)
  • 9  - view of main space (2)
  • 15 - view of main space (8)
  • 18 - Iraq war zone graphic panel
  • 31 - Aghanistan zone
  • 42 - Home area sofa
Conflicts of Interest
National Army Museum

Client: National Army Museum
Size: 450 sq m
Budget: n/a

A challenging, graphics-led exhibition for Britain’s National Army Museum. The brief was to create a new temporary gallery, which would examine the last 30 years of major conflicts involving the British armed forces across the globe and the impact of these conflicts on forces personnel and their domestic lives. The approach was to consider multiple, first-hand perspectives from all levels of the British Army, in order to give voice to both the positive and more negative aspects of a soldier’s life.

The 450 sq m blacked-out space has a dramatic, stark and highly graphic feel, with the content of the exhibition only truly revealed as the visitor moves around the space and into each individual area, dedicated to each of the major conflicts examined.

The Art Fund Prize 2010