Below are testimonials from students I have had the pleasure teaching and mentoring at DesignLab as well as IADT/Sanford-Brown Online Collage. Classes taught were Design 101, Design Fundamentals, Design Process, User Interface (Adobe Illustrator for Gaming) and Digital Illustration (Adobe Illustrator for Graphic Design).
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“I think Chad’s style of giving feedback and engaging with students is phenomenal. He doesn’t talk down to my work and instead provides constructive criticism in the most concise way possible. He also pushes me in the most friendliest way possible. E.g. Playing around with more Logo Designs and not limit myself to just the suggested numbers.”

“Chad is a very approachable and insightful mentor. Practical and keen on ensuring that one understands the key concepts. Reiterating and going above and beyond to share links to build up the learning, widen knowledge of a topic in discussion increase relevance using real-world examples.”

“Chad was very informative when I asked questions and sent me links to help aid in clarifying information or questions I had. He was prompt and consistent in our mentor sessions and gave me more than enough time if sessions needed to be moved around. He was encouraging of my work and gave easy to follow directions and advice on how to better my designs. Chad was very easy to work with and is easy to approach and I look forward to keeping in contact and having him help me in the future if I have any questions.”

“Chad was such a great mentor! He always has valuable feedback and provides links to extra content that assists in expanding my design knowledge.”

“Having Chad as my mentor made this course so enjoyable. I learned so much from the feedback that he gave me throughout each assignment. He also offered to have additional Skype sessions with me if I needed any more guidance with assignments and sent me links to outside resources not provided through the course. It was such a pleasure to have such a great mentor, and it definitely makes me want to take more courses through Designlab.”

“Chad was a great mentor throughout the entire course at Designlab. He was very fast in making comments to my submissions, allowing me to submit multiple versions to each projects. The comments were always very helpful in improving my skills, wether they were comments about design or about techniques and softwares tools I could use. He really helped me get a better understanding of the design industry and suggested many sources I could use to develop my skills. The skype sessions were always friendly and informative. He also was very flexible with the schedule and available at all times. Chad definitely got me even more interested into the world of design and I am now pretty sure I will be switching careers towards this new terrific job. Thanks a lot for your help Chad!

“I came to Chad with all of my questions and he gave me incredibly valuable answers and advice. So much stuff to take in. I wish I had recorded it! I felt so much better about joining this course because of him.”

“Chad is very professional, considerate and patient. I found that he chose plain English and simple expression when talking to me because of my non-English background, which I appreciated a lot. His advice is awesome and straight to-the-point. He showed me the design career as a whole picture and the key points of self-learning process besides his specific technique advice, and shared a lot of useful resources with me.

“Chad was an excellent mentor! He was very accommodating and gave me great additional resources for whatever questions I had. Now I feel confident enough to continue building my portfolio and begin applying for entry-level jobs in the field!”

International Academy of Design & Technology(IADT)/Sanford-Brown.
These testimonials are from End-of-Course surveys the students are asked to fill out but are not required to. Surveys are kept anonymous.

“I had no experience with Adobe Illustrator,none. This is one of the main reasons I enrolled in this program. To develop a skill set to improve my digital means. The reason I scored Mr. Trutt high was he did help me achieve the basics of the application. There was one point in time that I was so confused I was not sure what to do. He did continue to work with me by giving me support and explaining if I keep it going, the light will go on. This was a good experience.”

“Mr. Trutt showed that he cared about the students and showed enthusiasm in wanting everyone to succeed.”

“Chad pushes you really hard, but its all doable and I learned a ton. It was probably the hardest and most time consuming class I have taken so far, but it was also my favorite.”

“Professor Trutt was always available for any questions. He contributed a multitude of posts to the DB to expand our knowledge in our field. But the main reason was his availability even weekends, which very few instructors do.”

“Very informative in his class and helped go over things that were not understood. It was my first digital arts class and I think I have grasped much of the tasks and tools in adobe illustrator.”

“I loved, loved, loved this class! Before I thought I could only create art with just a pencil and paper and now I can also do it on the computer. I learned so much and you’re an awesome teacher! THANK YOU!”

“Though a very strict teacher, this teacher gave a great display of knowledge and understanding. I like his style of teaching and his reasoning for his strictness.”

“Chad did an outstanding job of presenting the class material and making sure we understood each lesson. The interactive assignments each week was brilliant. I have never seen an assignment presented in this way before. He did a very good of explaining the requirements each week and he made sure he gave us examples of what was required. I really enjoyed this class and I learned so much from Chad. I also like how he went out of his way to provide us with additional information that was related to the topic of discussion for that week. He gave us information from the textbook, but he also tied that information into real world examples. He had a good balance between theory and real world application.”

“Very friendly, and covered lots of ground without much student feedback, which I think is impressive in-and-of itself. I really have no complaints with this instructor, I feel he’s done great to help me get the hang of a program I’d probably never use otherwise.”

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