John M. Morehead STEM Academy Speaking Engagement

January 31st 2013

On Thursday January 31st I spoke to John M. Morehead STEM Academy 6th grade class. John M. Morehead STEM Academy is a Kindergarten through 8th grade STEM school. STEM standing for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. I was asked to come speak to the 6th grade class about my job as a Graphic Designer as part of their ‘School Choice Week’ where other professionals would speak about their chosen careers. I was asked to explain how my career field relates to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and explain what high school and college courses would be good to take if a student aspires to enter the field of graphic design.

I presented a PowerPoint presentation with examples of my professional and personal work, where I have lived and whom I have worked for. Then I showed examples of how Graphic Design relates to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

I explained to the students that science is all around us and that they can find inspiration in science. Graphic Designers and artists are needed in the field of science for illustration, brochure, ligature and presentation purposes. For Technology I spoke about how the students are in a time where technology is relatively young and the earlier they can start understanding the basics of web, mobile, mobile app and other technology the better. With Engineering comes packaging design. I personally felt that understanding how packaging and product design for that matter works and it’s limitations as well as the outside graphics is important in Engineering. Finally, for mathematics I briefly explained the Golden Spiral and the Rule of Thirds and how those two elements were used in Graphic Design print layouts, web layouts, photography and even music.

I then fielded a few questions from the students. I saw that a few students were actively engaged while others could care less. It was a great experience speaking to young adults that are at the time in their lives that they need to begin planning for their futures.

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