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January 28th 2013 – UPDATE

I guess my blog post helped. I have now been contact by Mr. Berrett with an apology. I always think of people like Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger and people who basically mess up. There are NEVER sorry until they get caught. Mr. Berrett got caught and his explanation was that he was painted my Wu-Tang Clan image “out of desire to learn your style and craft my own…like everyone else.” So AFTER selling and making money from my piece that I created digitally back in 1997 and getting caught Mr. Berrett apologies. To copy ones style is fine with me. I encourage my students to copy work they like, do tutorials and practice, practice, practice. I do this because it’s a good way to PRACTICE. I never tell them to add it to their portfolios or SELL that work. I’ve copied other peoples work to learn their style but have never said it’s mine. I don’t even show that work because it’s PRACTICE!

Part of me feels bad for Mr. Berrett. He’s created a huge mess for himself that he has to clean up. I hope that everyone will now question his integrity and trust. Apologizing to the artists is the first step and I commend him for reaching out to me with an apology.


UPDATE: January 29th 2013 – New article about Mr. Barrett and his undoing:

UPDATE: January 29th 2013 – Local ABC news story –

UPDATE: January 29th 2013 – New article/interview with Mr. Barrett:


  1. Donnie Mksupreme Gulledge
    January 28, 2013


  2. Suter
    January 30, 2013

    Hey man, glad to see a response from one of the original artists. I’ve ‘known’ the guy for like 2 years, shown art with him, we’ve sat down and had in depth conversations about his pieces, his processes, and inspirations. I know a few people who are out of hundreds of dollars for his rip off work.

    I’m starting a painting swap, and have a few paintings to give away, in exchange for his rip off paintings. I plan on repurposing his canvases to local artists who are short on cash and will use them for real art.

    If anyone who has been ripped off sees this, feel free to contact me at Thanks for the inspiration and for getting the word out on this fraud

  3. ch
    February 3, 2013

    How can he say he did this out of a desire to learn your style, but took complete credit for it until he got caught? Even in his interview with AltDaily in Norfolk, VA, he is still claiming the Wu Tang prints as his own. I am sure this is extremely frustrating as an artist. But along with Paul Somers’ words, imitation is the highest form of flattery!

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