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January 28th 2013

I received an email yesterday. The first one of it’s kind. It was from Paul Somers who curates art shows at the Artful Dodger. Mr. Somers informed me that one of their exhibiting artist had been taking compositions from others and passing them off as his own. In my case he was printing my images of the Wu-Tang and signing them, then selling them as art prints of his own doing. This fraudulent person is Rashidi Barrett. I wouldn’t even classify Rashidi Barrett as an artist but a thief. He STOLE other artists work and tried to pass them off as his own. The thief, Rashidi Barrett, had a solo show at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Virginia Beach and was featured in the paper in Norfolk, VA and really seemed up and coming until he was discovered. He also goes by the moniker DJ Cornbread.

Since being confronted about the copied artwork, the thief, Rashidi Barrett has posted several statements on his website (which has been taken down), including, as of Friday afternoon, one that reads in part [sic]:

I regretfully write and apologize to those that I have impacted through showing, displaying and selling of specific artwork that was partially or in whole not from my conception or excogitation. I have taken immediate actions to rectify this situation to the best of my abilities, inclusive of drafting letters of apology to art galleries affected, direct communication with originating artist and apprising them of specific information and events derived from this experience. Sincere apologies have also been extended to the “Art Community” for which has supported me and provided me with an opportunity to succeed.

I personally have yet to receive any kind of apology from the thief Rashidi Barrett.

I want to thank Mr. Somers to bringing this to my attention although it was bad news. But as Mr. Somers put it… “it also means you are an excellent artist.”

Here is a link to an article about the his undoing

This would have eventually come to light for the thief Rashidi Barrett. I guess he had no idea that MY Wu-Tang Brand poster and t-shirt are everywhere and after the Wu-Tang Logo, in my personal opinion is the most iconic piece of the group. I guess the thief Rashidi Barrett did not know that I know the powers that be and blog every Thursday for the Wu-Tang Clan.

To the thief Rashidi Barrett, while you were stealing other peoples art, the real artists were making moves and doing work. I look forward to your apology.


the wu-bunch

The piece that the thief Rashidi Barrett stole was a slightly older piece of MINE that had a drop shadow to the panels. Since working with the Wu-Tang Clan and having the poster and shirt mass produced, I have removed the drop shadow, added a black frame around ODB and fixed Raekwons hand. If my name it not on the poster or t-shirt, it’s a fake. I understand that these things happen in the digital age and will continue to happen. I’m not the first artist this has happened to and I know I will not be the last.

I’m sorry to all the people that purchased the piece for $200 when they could have got for less than $10 online or at Spencer Gifts.


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