Movember 2012

Movember 30th 2012

Today is the final day for Movember. I have been surprised with all of the donations I received this year as well as how well my team, The Stashinator’s, have done. As of today, I have personally raised over $700 and as a team we have raised over $3,000! The bar has now been set for next year!

Overall, this has been another great experience. The awareness and contributions do not stop now! Although Movember will be over tomorrow, I continue to give Platelets at The Community Blood Center of the Carolina’s in Charlotte, NC throughout the year. The CBCC has been a great supporter of Movember this year and has made two CBCC blog posts, Facebook posts, entry in their newsletter as well as their employee board. A BIG THANK YOU to the CBCC! is the final blog post from the CBCC. I hope and pray that more donations come in tonight before midnight.

Thank you to everyone that made a donation to either myself, my team or another Mo Bro or Mo Sista.

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