Aaron Draplin and his 50 Point Plan

November 15th, 2012

I watched another lecture online yesterday. I really enjoy learning about the many talented designers out there. This lecture was presented by Graphic Designer Aaron James Draplin. Mr. Draplin shares his 50 Point Plan to get through your design career. A full 50 points! Mr. Draplin cracks some jokes and has to foul language but that did not bother me.  I feel he is very serious about every single point and really drives it home with personal examples from each point. Point number 12, Provide Proof showcases his immense body of work, which to me is very impressive. You can see how Point Number 6, ‘Get Out There And Get Dirty’ has really influenced Mr. Draplin’s design work. Looking through estate sales, flea markets, junk sales, yard Sales etc. you can find some real treasures of design. These old designs used 1-2 colors, were simple, impactful marks that worked at super small sizes. Mr. Draplin’s tells us to go out, find these treasures and share them!

Along with the remaining 50 points, Mr. Draplin expresses himself with passion. I feel students and other designers will like to see one of many, many successful designers speak. He is a wealth of knowledge we all can learn from and continue to learn from. I am posting this video link to my students because I truly feel, that no matter what I say, no matter what my experiences are, they just do not get it. They don’t get how much fun this field is and how much WORK and OBSERVATION goes into this field I love!

To watch the presentation:  http://devour.com/video/draplins-50-point-plan/

Aaron Draplin’s web site: Is here and Field Notes: Is here.

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